About the Podcast


The Puget Sound Podcast is dedicated to bringing important discussions, interviews, and debates to the on Campus discussion at The University of Puget Sound. Through this podcast we hope to foster productive conversations here on campus. 

The Puget Sound Podcast Philosophy


Through spoken communication or debate we seek to "encourage a rich knowledge of self and others; an appreciations of commonality and differences; to full, open and civil discussion of ideas; thoughtful moral discourse; and the integration of learning."


Inquiry can be defined as intellectual curiosity. We actively seek the opportunity to work towards sustaining "a lifetime of intellectual curiosity, active inquiry, and reasoned independence."


Scholarship is defined as academic study or achievement. Coinciding with our school's mission, the Puget Sound Podcast strikes to "maintain a strong commitment to teaching excellence, scholarly engagement, and fruitful student-faculty interaction."

We have a true passion for our podcast.

Alexander Harris

Hometown: Oconomowoc, WI

Alexander is a Computer Science major with a passion for working and using his hands. He loves typing, rock climbing and throwing porcelain on a pottery wheel!


Conor Harrigan

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

An enthusiast for the discovery of the unknown, Conor has an innate passion for knowledge and the sharing of it between willing conversationalists.  At the University, he is an up-and-coming economics major, and has his eye on settling in the City of San Francisco in 2018, after graduation and a short trip across the world.  A couple of things he likes to do in his free time are read both nonfiction and historical fiction, and take weekend trips to new places with good people.  If you ever see him in passing, be sure to say “hi”!  Rest assured, he will smile and say hi back to you; he’s not one of them.


Presley Reed III

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Presley is a Junior at UPS and is working on a Major in Computer Science and a Minor in History since he has no clue what he's doing with his life. 

He is an avid web programmer, graphic designer, and app developer, and he runs his own design company, Verdant Design Studio

He is also the only reason our website exists.